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History of the Warwick Valley Farmers' Market
Celebrating Our 29th Consecutive Season

Welcome to the on-line presence of the Warwick Valley Farmer's Market.  We hope you will enjoy your visit with us and come to the Sunday Market where you will  find a wide variety of products, fresh from our farms and farm kitchens and artisan producers for your table.

 Thanks to the interest of the Village of Warwick in making sure fresh local produce and farm products are accessible to  community, the Warwick Valley Farmers’ Market has been bringing locally grown and produced vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses, poultry, eggs, honey, maple sugar, mushrooms, wines, hard ciders, beer, jams, jellies, breads, and artisan baked goods for 26 years.  We even have fresh caught North Atlantic fish and seafood.

One of the reasons tourists love to visit our Town and Villages, and many people choose to move here is the vast expanse of open space - forested hillsides, crop rows, orchards and livestock in the fields. 
The views from our hills and orchards across expanses of farmland and across the very fertile Black Dirt region are beautiful and unique.

Our local agriculture, however, is not idyllic.  The food that comes from our local farms is the product of hard work and oftentimes plain good luck blessed with just the right combination of sun and rain. 

It’s quite a testimony to the hard work and perseverance of your farm neighbors and the artisan kitchens that also support their work.  And to a Village and Town that have devoted time and funds to preserve over 4,000 acres of active farmland and abutting open space in perpetuity.  We believe it has been the smartest way for us as a community to grow.

We invite you to visit our Market and get to know your local farmers and the artisan kitchens who support their efforts. Ask questions of the folks who raise your food,  find out more about why they believe in farming, and why our investment in agriculture still fuels our local economy.

Follow us on Facebook for up to the minute information about our vendors, our community partners, and what is fresh this week at the Market.

​Cheryl Rogowski

Chair, Warwick Valley Farmers’ Market

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