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The Warwick Valley Farmers' Market is

fully represented and saturated in all but a few product areas,

as of February 2024.

If an opening should become available in any area it will be posted here. 


Applications will only be sent to farmers/producers of those products for which we have a need.


​​*The purpose of the Warwick Valley Farmers Market is to provide a service to the community by offering consumers a local source of high quality, locally/regionally grown produce and freshly made food products while helping to maximize critical revenue for local and regional farmers/farm families, artisan producers and local businesses supporting agriculture. In order to achieve this mission there are procedures in place for every applicant to the market.  These procedures are overseen by a committee representing a cross section of the market and representatives from the community.  No one individual has control over who or what comes into the market. Maintaining an appropriate balance of products within the market ensures a healthy environment for consumers and producers. 

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