Apple Ridge Farms

1198 Pennel Road

Saylorsburg, PA 18353


Brian Bruno, Owner

Products: wood-fired sour dough breads,

German style pretzels, mustards, muffins, granola,

pot pies 

Applewood Winery - in Market through 10/6/2019

82 Four Corners Road

Warwick, NY 10990


Jonathan and Michelle Hull, Owners

Products: wine, hard ciders

Every Sunday through October 7th

Black Dirt Gourmet

421 Pulaski Highway

Goshen, NY 10924


Cheryl Rogowski, Owner

Products: farm-fresh prepared foods

white bread, cheddar jalapeno bread, scones, pretzels


P.O. Box 226

Bearsville, NY 12409

Kitchen:  654 Gulf School House Rd

Cornwalville, NY 12418


Maria Gandara & Gregor Triest, Owners

Products: traditional basil pesto

Cactus Pete’s Homemade Jerky, LLC.

9 Main Street

Warwick, NY 10990


Brian and Ushanee Gerri, Owners

Products: beef jerky, seasoned nuts, lumpia, pork dumplings, culinary lard, lard candles, suet cakes for birds, beef dog treats

Calkins Creamery

288 Calkins Road

Honesdale, PA 18431



Emily Montgomery, Owner

Products: aged raw cows’ milk cheese; pasteurized cows’ milk, fresh cheese

Corbett’s Cookie Bar Kitchen

12 Railroad Avenue

Warwick, NY 10990


Cheryl Corbett, Owner

Products: specialty layered cookie bars and marshmallows

D’Attolico Organic Farm

349 Missionland Road

P.O. Box 14

Pine Island, NY 10969


Vincent D’Attolico and Denise Decker, Owners

Products: NOFA Certified organic greens, vegetables,

onions, berries, squashes, pumpkins, sprouts and wheat grass

Emmerich Greenhouse - In Market through 9/29/2019

17 Onderdonk Road

Warwick, NY 10990


Virginia Gamble and Chris Emmerich, Owners

Products: cut flowers, variety of annual bedding

plants, specialized variety of perennials 

Every Sunday through October 7th

Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils

Farm: 235 Sleight Plass Road, Pleasant Valley, NY 

Mailing: P.O. Box 3042, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Jeff Allison Haight, owners 


Products:  organically raise and on-farm cold pressed sunflower oils, 

on-farm milled sunflower flour (when available),sunflower based skincare products

Hudson Valley Cold Pressed OIls will be with us May 13, June 3, July 29, August 26, September 16, October 14, November 4th.

Hudson Valley Seafood

30 Valley Avenue

Central Valley, NY 10917

Casey McCann, CEO



Fresh fish, organic Scottish salmon, fresh shellfish, New York State trout

A wide seasonal variety of seafood salads, chowders, crab cakes, fish cakes 

Hummingbird Ranch

18 Hummingbird Way

Staatsburg, NY 12580


Rich and Deb Focht, Apiarists

Products: honey, honey candy, infused honey, creamed honey, beeswax products (candles, emollients, lip balm)

Italian Hearth Pizza by Emily Downs

33 Hamburg Avenue

Sussex, NJ 07461


Emily Downs, Chef and Owner

Products: custom made wood fired pizzas

Away from Market on May 20th.

Jean-Claude’s Artisan Baked Goods

25 Elm Street

Warwick, NY 10990



Jean-Claude and Annette Sanchez, Owners

Products: coffee, hot chocolate and tea by the cup,

quiche, croissants, Danish, quick breads, cookies, fruit tarts, a special line of flourless quiche, scones and pastries.

Kiernan Farms

1308 Bruynswick Road

Gardiner, NY 12525



Marty and Thelma Kiernan, owners

Products:  grass fed and finished beef, pastured pork,

pastured lamb.  All cuts including sausages.  Nitrate free.

Lakeside Maple, LLC.

324 Lakeside Blvd

Hopatcong, NJ 07843


Mark Jenkins, Owner

Products: all natural, gluten free trail mix baked in pure

maple syrup.

Locust Grove Fruit Farm

177 North Road

Milton, NY 12547


Charles Kent, Owner

Products: apples, pears, peaches, apricots,

quince, berries, cherries, plums, grapes, currants,

gooseberries, heirloom tomatoes, squash, sweet corn,

pumpkins, fresh cider, pies and apple fritters

Locust Grove will join us mid-June through the end of the Market


414 Church Rd.

Pine Bush, NY 12566


Lynn Fleming, Owner

Products: fresh pasteurized goat’s milk cheeses,

aged goat’s milk cheeses, pasteurized goat milk yogurt,

pasteurized goat yogurt, goat meat

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Om Champagne Tea

255 N. Bedford Road
Mount Kisco, New York 10549


James Hibler and JY Lym, Owners

Products: Kombucha (enzyme rich, non-alcoholic, probiotic beverage) 

Dan Madura Farms

12 Highland Avenue

Middletown, NY 10940


Dan Madura and Vivian Grazaiano, owners

Products:  cultivated and foraged mushrooms, turmeric,

herbs, garlic, ginger, sprouts, greens, vegetables,

sweet corn, melons, pumpkins, eggs,  tri-color popcorn.

Occasional Knife Sharpener Harper Keehn - 9/9/2018 and November 2018

Knife Sharpener Harper Keehn will join us as his schedule allows.

A full-time student at Yale, Harper takes advantages of breaks in

his schedule to visit Markets and sharpen knives and scissors.

Harper will be with us on June 3rd.

Orange County Distillery - at Warwick Valley Farmers' Market every other week

19 Maloney Lane

Goshen, NY 10924


John Glebocki & Brian Ensall, Owners & Founders

Products:  on-farm raised, harvested and produced distilled products:  vodka, gin, rye, bourbon, whiskies

Peg’s Eggs – Hillery Farms

115 Liberty Corners Road

Pine Island, NY 10969


Jack and Peg Hillery, Owners

Products: eggs (duck, chicken) from pastured bird;

pastured duck, pastured chicken, pastured turkey (all cuts, including sausages). Local wildflower honey.

Pennings Farm Market, Inc. - Back in the Market 4/14/2019

161 South Route 94

Warwick, NY 10990


Steve and Jill Pennings, Owners

Products: apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, tomatoes,

sweet corn, hops, sweet cider, hard ciders

Pennings will join us mid-July through October 7th.

Perry’s Pickles

25 Birmingham Lane

Kingston, NY 12401


Kathleen Perry, Owner

Products: fresh deli style kosher dills, pickles on a stick,

wide variety of pickled vegetables and fruits, kimchi,

and bottled pickle juice, marinated mozzarella.

Pine Island Brewing Co.

682 County Route 1

Pine Island, NY 10969


Mike Kraai, Owner and Brew Master

Products: locally brewed beer

R & G Produce

16 Van Sickle Road

Goshen, NY 10924


Ray and Gary Glowaczewski, Owners

Products: fresh vegetables, greens, onions, tomatoes (field and hot house raised), herbs, melons, winter

squash and pumpkins

R & G will join the Market in June.

Rogowski Farm

421 Pulaski Hwy

Goshen, NY 10924


Cheryl Rogowski, Owner

Products: micro greens, lettuces, herbs, vegetables, root vegetables, sweet corn, peas, cabbages, kale, currants, wildflowers

Roaming Acres So Fun Farms

65 Big Spring Road

Lafayette, NJ 07848


Todd Applebaum, Owner

Products: pasture raised Berkshire pork, pasture raised and bred ostrich, pasture raised grassfed and finished bison. All cuts. Nitrate free. Dog treats.

Scotty’s Country Kitchen

41 Soons Circle

New Hampton, NY 10958


Scott and Laura Soons Thornton, Owners

Products: fruit pies, fruit scones, turnovers, brownies, carrot, zucchini, cider-pumpkin, applesauce crumb cakes, Irish tea scones, vegan yeast breads

Senza Glutine by Carmela Decker

296 St. Andrews Road

Walden, NY 12586


Carmela Decker, Chef and Owner

Products: entrees (ready to cook and frozen) breads, biscotti, rugelach, especially for customers with gluten sensitivities  all made in flour-free kitchen.

Senza Glutine will not be at the market on 6/30/2019 and 7/7/2019.

Soons Orchards Inc.

23 Soons Circle

New Hampton, NY 10958


Sharon & Jeff Soons, Owners

Products: apples, peaches, nectarines, nut butters, apple cider, sweet apple cider donuts, applesauce, candy apples, chocolate/fudge, dehydrated fruit, fruit leathers, low-sugar spreads, hummus, corn relish, salsas (tomato & stone fruit), pumpkin butter, apple butter, sparking hard cider, cookies, fruit cup, flour-less fruit crisps

Sunrise Mountain Soap

28 Winding Hill Road

Vernon, New Jersey 07462


William Ashby, Owner and Soap Maker

Products: all natural vegan soaps,

insect repellents, body butter, body oil

Tree-Licious Orchards and Just Made Bakery

Orchard: 135 Karrville Rd, Port Murray, NJ 07865


Bakery: 6 Riverside Plaza, Hackettstown, NJ


Ginger Carlson, James, Ed & Carol Kessler, Owners

Products: tree fruits, berries, cider, currants, rhubarb, vegetables, certified gluten free products: pies, muffins, cookies, quiche, brownies, scones. Sugar free fruit pies. Baked goods, quiche, fruit butters and sauces, vegan soups.

Warwick Valley Winery & Black Dirt Distillery

114 Little York Road

Warwick, NY 10990


Jason Grizzanti & Jeremy  Kidde, Owners

Products: wines, hard ciders, cordials, bourbon, gin, applejack

Woodside Blue Preserves

46 Woodside Drive

Warwick, NY 10990

Amanda Steng, proprietor


Wide variety of sweet and savory jams and preserves

made from locally sourced fruits and produce.

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